Back to School back pack Tips

August 29, 2019|TIPS AND TRICKS


As summer winds down and back to school is in full swing many students are putting lots of stuff in their back backs including computers, tablets and cell phones. This can be problematic for the parents when their children return home with missing or damaged devices. Here are some helpful tips to pass on to your child.

1.  Take only the computer or mobile device allowed in school.

2. Make sure your computer or mobile device is password protected and never give anyone the password (except Mom and Dad).

3. If you put your computer or mobile device in a backpack make sure it has a case or padding and doesn't touch other items. Keep away from liquids and other items that could spill into your device.

4. Always remember that computers and mobile devices are very delicate and when you keep them in a back pack don't throw, step or sit on the back back as this greatly increases the likely hood of a damaging the device.

5. Backup your data, we can't stress this enough. Mom and Dad remember to not only make a backup plan for your child's device but also verify the data backups are actually working. Computers and mobile devices may fall out of the back pack or even grow legs and walk away (we hear lots of stories on how the devices go missing). 

Tekrenu is here to help if you have any questions or need assistance with your device.